Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Halloween

The holidays are a great time to show off your style with some creative home decorations. We have some tips for to help you get in the spirit and make your house the scariest one on on the block.

Spooky Lanterns

Light up the night with spooky lanterns made from mason jars, furniture dye and cheesecloth


Photo credit: The Deadwood Cemetery

To create the rusty effect of this lamp, lightly coat the inside of your mason jar with orange spray paint or frosted acrylic paint for glass. After your base coat has dried, paint the inside of your jar with a mix of aniline furniture powder and matte polyurethane finish. Coat thoroughly, but feel free to splash and splatter the jar to create a used look. Use as many coats as needed to create the desired effect. Once the inside has dried, insert a no-flame tea light and cover the top of the jar with dark cheesecloth, torn for effect. Hot glue a long section of wire around the neck of the jar and twist the ends together to create a handle for hanging.

Caution: We do not recommend using standard tea lights with this project, as polyurethane is flammable

Spider Egg Sac Orbs

Frighten your neighbors with the help of these DIY lights covered in creepy crawlies


Photo credit: Pinterest

Cut the legs off of several pairs of white pantyhose in varying lengths. Place a glow stick inside a white balloon before inflating it. Wrap the pantyhose foot around the balloon and insert cotton batting or spider webbing between the balloon and pantyhose. Place plastic spiders within the stocking and glue on the outside as well. Tie the end of the stocking to seal and hang where desired.

Haunted Walkway

Light the way with witch brooms wrapped in colored Christmas lights


Photo Credit: Lizzie Tontz

For an authentic look, use brooms with straw bristles. You can find these in specialty Halloween stores or a hardware store. Lightly spray paint the bristles with orange, purple or green paint, depending on the desired color of the broom. Wrap the handle in Christmas lights of the same color. Make sure you wrap the lights with the metal prongs furthest away from the bristles so you can plug them into an outdoor-rated extension cord. If positioning outside, place the ends of the broom into the ground 6-8 inches deep, making sure they are evenly spaced apart from each other. Add spooky garlands, ribbons or other details as desired.

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