When it comes to refreshing the look of your stucco’d home, there are two options: Re-stucco or paint. If, you are looking to change the texture of your stucco finish, or the stucco is damaged or failing, then your only real option is to re-stucco. However,

If the texture is what you like, the stucco is in decent to great condition, or if you are on a smaller budget, painting over the stucco could be a great option to choose.

Is it ok to paint over stucco?

YES! Proper prep work and a skilled paint crew can easily paint stucco without any trouble. Proper prep includes cleaning the stucco surfaces, patching any small cracks or broken out areas, priming the walls, and applying at least two coats of a premium grade exterior paint.

*Cracks and areas needing patching should be fixed before priming or painting is performed to ensure longevity of the paint and the stucco.

What kind of paint is used to paint stucco?

When painting stucco, stick to an exterior acrylic paint or an exterior elastomeric paint. Exterior acrylic paint is your typical exterior paint. It will hold up very well on stucco and should last for several years. Elastomeric paint is a thicker; more flexible masonry paint designed to bridge gaps in tiny cracks and also create a more waterproofed area when painted.

*Elastomeric paint should be applied by a professional, to ensure proper prep, and mil thickness are used when applying.

Do I call a stucco person or a painter to paint my stucco?

In order to properly paint stucco, you should try to contact a company that specializes in both stucco and paint. If you are in the L.A. or Orange County areas, contact Builder Boy to set up a free estimate today!!!! (562)-218-3295