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Why Hire a Professional Painter?

Consider this before you do-it-yourself.

Hiring a professional house painter to do your big painting job is the right choice. The benefits more than outweigh the possible negatives. You’ll save time, energy, money, and stress by avoiding a project that is potentially too big for you to do on your free time. In the end, the rooms in your house will have a fresh coat of paint, a durable finish, and a clean, professional look that will add up to an amazing feeling and added warmth in your home. From painting your ceiling to painting each room in your home, no matter the job, you can count on the paint pros at Paint Boy to get the job done. Call us for a free estimate.


Color Flow in Your Home

Tips for choosing the right colors for your home.

To create a sense of continuity and harmony throughout your home, you need good color flow: a balanced color scheme that seamlessly connects one space to the next. Here's how we create continuity and harmony throughout your home using paint.


• An easy way to create color flow is to use lighter and darker shades of the same color throughout your home. Consider how you'd like to see these colors transition from room to room. We carry multiple fan decks from our paint manufacturers to help you choose these shades.


• Create continuity by selecting hues with similar undertones. If you love reds with blue undertones, look for other colors with blue undertones.


• Look to existing furnishings for color inspiration. Pick up colors from fabrics, artwork, or a favorite accessory and use them in different rooms throughout your home.


• Choose between three and five favorite colors, and then alternate the primary, secondary, and accent colors for each room. For example, perhaps the main wall color in one room becomes the ceiling color in another and an accent color in another. You can also use wall stencils, pillows, lampshades, or window treatments to carry these colors from room to room. Select one or two colors that all your rooms will share.


Whichever finishes you choose, the basic principles apply — we respect your time, provide you updates on your project, and work closely with you to create a home environment you'll enjoy for years to come.

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Choosing the Right Interior Paint Finish

Picking paint colors can be a tough selection, but making a decision on your wall sheen is just as important as color flow. Wall finishes can determine the appearance of your space adding depth to the overall interior. The finish of your paint, or sheen, will have a major impact on your walls. Gloss, satin, egg shell – with these options comes many considerations. High-traffic areas do well with gloss or satin as they hold up better to touching and can be cleaned more easily. But, they can make wall imperfections (wavy drywall, patched areas) much more pronounced. A more matte-like finish, such as flat, will not clean as well or endure touches as well, but you won't see imperfections as much. We recommend making paint finish decisions based around the room's purpose. To learn more about paint sheen's please click here.

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Mobile Apps that Help You Choose the Perfect Home Color

The internet and smart phones have helped evolve the paint industry by pushing paint vendors to build mobile tools to help make the color choosing process easier. The best part is they are all free. From color picking, to paint choices, discover a few mobile apps that will simplify your life tremendously by clicking on the link below.

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If you're looking to have your whole house painted, consider hiring a professional painter to speed things up. Whether you're looking to make minor updates or complete a major renovation, our experts at Paint Boy will assist you every step of the way to make sure your project turns out the way you envision. Give us a call today at (877) 410-3405 or click on the link below to fill out our form.

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